Idea Behind Ornut Food & Beverages !

Welcome to Ornut Food & Beverages, where we nurture our passion for producing fresh, delicious, and wholesome milk and dairy products that have already become the preferred choice of people here in Vadodara. And we would love to share them with you.

Bring health and happiness to your home, with nutritious, pure, natural, fresh n creamy raw milk, milk products and food products everyday... Delivered directly from farm to you!

Ornut Food & Beverages has been serving pure Cow's & Buffalo's milk in Vadodara and its surrounding. The milk has been supplied from the dairy farm to your home directly without any middleman involvement under our strict supervision so as to assure you the high quality. The Cows and Buffalos drink purified water, eat grass and vegetables. Any type of adulteration in their food and water is avoided. Their regularly bi-monthly check-up is done by a team of veterinary doctors. They are not injected by any type of vaccination like oxytocin or BST for yielding more milk, so you are getting exactly what we call it purity. Our Cows and Buffalos get wholesome grasses to eat every day, with our specially grown high quality fodder.

Our own packaging and delivery system ensures we deliver fresh milk of Cow and Buffalo right to your doorstep.

Use of Desi Cow's & Buffalo's milk and milk products are very abundant in the days of agriculture-dominated Indian Culture.

Good ethical practice is one of the mission statements of the company. Ornut Food & Beverages firmly believe in the value that quality and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance. We constantly upgrade the manufacturing process scientifically and yet not deviated from the traditionality of the product.

Ornut Package Fact!

The Ornut gable top packaging is made out of paper & can be recycled in any paper mill.

We chose to stay away from plastic bottles & pouches!

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